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Hot Food Serving Counters

Maintain Dishes At Their Freshest and Hottest With Hot Food Serving Counters

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The Best Hot Food Serving Counters For You

Most foods are simply preferred hot, but when you have a large number of customers to serve, you need to be able to have the ability to precook food in bulk and still be able to serve it hot and fresh at any time of the day. Hot food serving counters offer a way for you to do just that by providing a solid piece of equipment where you can store pans of various food dishes lined across the stainless steel top so guests can browse and select their meal.

Hot food serving counters prevent food from getting cold and customers from getting low-quality food by heating it on standard-sized pans. A unit typically has multiple units so you can heat and display multiple dishes at once. Each well is independently controlled so you can create the best environment for your delicious creations. Units with infinite controls allow you to switch between low and high heat levels. For increased temperature precision, go with a unit featuring thermostatic controls that have more settings manually adjustable.

Hot food serving counters can be operated with or without water. A unit that uses water to generate heat will require a plumbing and draining system and will typically be limited in terms of mobility. Waterless or dry hot food serving counters use gas or heating elements to heat up the food pans. Electric-powered units make use of various heating configurations including radiant heat, convection, conduction, and induction.

Hot food serving counters have an open base, which provides an undershelf for additional storage, or an enclosed base, which are available in a wide range of colors with some offering a cabinet for concealed storage. There are modular solutions that let you customize the unit to adapt to your specific needs. Additional components available for hot food serving counters include sneeze guards that serve as a physical barrier that prevents the risk of contamination while still keeping the contents visible.

Hot food serving counters swivel casters that instantly give it mobility, so you can move your station where it is needed without needing special equipment to handle the weight.

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