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A Guide to Choosing Convection Ovens
When choosing your convection oven, you’ll first need to ask yourself a few questions:


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A Guide to Choosing Fryers

Tube-shaped gas heating elements are permanently affixed to the fry pot, giving this type of fryer more versatility.

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A Guide to Choosing Toasters

You’ll find toasted breads, bagels, and other bakery items in a wide range of restaurants from small cafes to full-service breakfast buffets. Fortunately, there are many different sizes, styles, and setups of commercial toasting equipment that can suit every scenario, if you simply know how to wade through the options.

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A Guide to Choosing Ranges
The first two types of ranges listed below are primarily what you’ll choose from, but the latter two are specialty ranges designed for certain cooking preferences.

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A Guide to Choosing Steamers

Choosing between different models and sizes of steamers should be based on the amount of food you plan to cook within the cavity at once. In addition, you’ll need to consider the space accommodations allotted for your steamer, as one model may consume a footprint within your kitchen while another can sit comfortably on top of a shelving unit. 

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Should I Consider an Induction Range if I Have Natural Gas?

While the initial cost of an electrical unit may have been enticing, the fact of the matter is that over time, gas trumps financially. With the introduction of the induction burner, the tables may have turned!

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Convection vs Standard Ovens

Ovens are a focal point for any kitchen, and choosing the right one for your restaurant can improve efficiency and help boost profits! You'll inevitably come to the crossroad between convection and standard ovens, so what's the big difference? 

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Convection Oven Basics

Since the 1950s, convection ovens have made their way into restaurant kitchens around the world, and for good reason.

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Steamer or Combi Unit ….Which should I buy?

Steamer or Combi Unit ….which should I buy?

The best choice would depend on the menu and use.

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Gas vs Electric Fryer

For many, fryers are a keystone piece of equipment in the kitchen. The age-old differences between gas and electric show no exception when it comes to fryers, and choosing between the two can boost productivity and enhance efficiency in your restaurant’s kitchen. 

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Eric B (Gadsden, Alabama)
Great !!!
Tim S (Long Island City, New York)
terrific recommendation
Hanna Vanwormer
Keeps food at the right temperature, very insulated and heavy duty. Definitely recommended for others in need of this type of product.
julia ryan
Perfect addition to the kitchen. high quality and very durable. gets hot very quickly and gets the job done well. highly recommended
Mike M (Charleston, West Virginia)
The quality of this is excellent and the end user was definitely thankful we could fill her need so quickly. Keep up the Good Work...