Countertop Food Warmers

Nothing compromises your business faster than food that’s served cold! To ensure that you always put out fresh, hot food — and avoid upset customers while you’re at it — you can invest in a commercial food warmer from our great selection. These high-quality warmers are especially ideal for restaurants, catering companies, buffets and cafeterias because they allow bustling, commercial kitchens to put out large quantities of food without risking it cooling down before serving. CKitchen carries only the best commercial food warmers by industry leaders like APW Wyott, Eagle Group, Grindmaster-Cecilware, Hartco, Pitco, Vulcan, Wells and Star.

So, how do you know which commercial food warming equipment best suits your needs? First, you need to consider the volume and type of food you’ll be warming. In many cases, you can purchase specialty food warmers that cater to a specific type of food. For example, we have specific styles for soups, sauces and dips as well as pan food warmers that can accommodate side dishes, vegetables, fried foods and more. We also have multi-compartment food warmers that are perfect for warming and serving various toppings, dips and sides at the same time.

For more demanding applications, choose a commercial food warmer with a drain from our great selection. Drains keep food at the right consistency and make cleaning easier. Most of our warmers have adjustable temperatures to ensure that your food always stays at the ideal temp. We’re experts when it comes to helping our customers find the appropriate food warmers. Commercial kitchen experts at would be happy to help you identify which models are best-suited to your budget, volume and applications. We always back our products with the guaranteed best prices, free shipping and excellent financing options.

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