Commercial Mobile Cooking Carts

Cook On the Go with a Mobile Cooking Cart

You can take your menu anywhere with mobile cooking carts from CKitchen. These are essentially just rolling counters with built-in worktops, ranges and storage, so they’re absolutely ideal for taking to festivals, trade shows, conventions, demonstrations and much more. You can even wheel your mobile cooking demonstration cart into the dining room of your restaurant to show your patrons your chef’s skills. Most of these carts are made by Lakeside, one of the leading manufacturers in food service carts.

These carts are sometimes classified as service carts or action stations, and may be ordered as-is or modified to your unique standards. For example, some people prefer a basic countertop surface with no ranges — perfect for serving appetizers, drinks and more — while others prefer full induction ranges and even sinks to whip up five-star meals literally anywhere. The great thing is, each cooking demo cart from CKitchen comes with plenty of storage space beneath so that you can keep yours as a self-contained unit and can store it all together when you’re done.

The Right Mobile Cooking Demo Cart for You

We know that not all businesses have the exact same needs, so we’re happy to help you find the perfect mobile cooking cart for your specific applications. These units come in several different sizes and configurations so they can easily be wheeled around your facility or transported offsite. If you aren’t sure exactly which style is best for your needs and budget, reach out to the team here at CKitchen and we’d be glad to direct you towards the perfect products.

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