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Portable Heated Containers

Portable Heated Containers Transport and Keep Warm Bulk Food For Catering, Banquets, Restaurants, Hotels, and More

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    Portable Heated Containers: For Perfectly Hot Meals

    Portable heated containers are a temperature-controlled storage box that serves as a transportable food warmer. These are not your ordinary electric-heated lunch boxes. These are powerful and convenient food storage solutions developed to help operators store and move large bulks of cooked food at high temperatures so the food retains its "just cooked" quality for longer periods.

    Portable heated containers help you preserve as much nutritional and flavor quality. So whether you are catering food to an event or simply pre-cooking meals to prepare for rush hours, you can rely on the portable heated containers to keep the food fresh and delicious for customers to fully enjoy at any time of the day.

    CKitchen offers top-quality portable heated containers from top brands like Coldtainer. Available in two sizes, these are active isothermal containers designed to maintain the food at its highest quality in the safest way possible without having to crank up the temperature more than required, which could cause the food to lose nutrients and flavor.

    Units with built-in batteries are perfect for short-term transport and can operate independently throughout your business hours. Coldtainer also offers portable heated containers that can be plugged in, which are ideal for restaurants, catering, and most foodservice establishments.

    If you need any help with selecting portable heated containers for your operation, give us a call and our trained foodservice equipment consultants will be more than happy to provide any assistance you may need to make your shopping experience better.

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