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Cook and Hold Ovens / Cabinets

Bake, Roast, Cold Smoke, And Hold Food In Batches With Cook and Hold Ovens and Cabinets

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Piper Vulcan Carter-Hoffmann Eagle Winston Industries FWE Cres Cor
Vulcan VRH8 Cook/Hold Cabinet
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Carter-Hoffmann CH750 Cook & Hold Cabinet
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Carter-Hoffmann CH600 Cook & Hold Cabinet
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Carter-Hoffmann CH800 Cook & Hold Cabinet
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Carter-Hoffmann CH900 Cook & Hold Cabinet
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    Cook and Hold Ovens: Boost Food Quality and Energy Savings

    Cook and hold cabinets are all about versatility. These ovens can seamlessly handle a stream of tasks including cooking, rethermalizing, and holding food at ideal temperatures, promoting a smoother workflow and making your kitchen highly productive. These units are designed to minimize manual intervention,

    Cook and hold ovens can cook a large amount of food quickly and efficiently, so you always have enough food to serve customers throughout the day. Food pans go on shelves, which are usually wired so that they facilitate greater airflow and are easier to keep clean.

    They operate at lower temperatures to prevent meats from shrinking, leading to higher yields. This also makes them more energy-efficient compared to conventional ovens, which means you can use them overnight and still be able to cut down your energy costs. Cook and hold cabinets can also be utilized for thawing out frozen pre-cooked food down to serving temperatures or slow roasting.

    These cabinets can be programmed to enter food holding mode during which food will be kept at ideal serving temperatures, so you always have fresh, hot food to serve to your guests. Since these ovens have a temperature probe, there is no need to constantly monitor the cooking progress, freeing up your staff to perform other important kitchen tasks.

    Depending on the scale of your production, you can choose a half-height or a full-height cook and hold oven with a capacity of 150 lbs to 300 lbs, respectively. There are also countertop and undercounter units that can cook food efficiently from a limited space. There are smoker ovens that are engineered for cold smoking and infusing wood flavor to get that rich, smokey taste.

    CKitchen has an amazing selection of cook and hold ovens from industry-leading brands that boast top of the line design and innovative features to make life in the kitchen much simpler. You can shop single or double stack units to meet the specific needs of your foodservice operation. If you are looking for other commercial cooking equipment such as a convection oven or a restaurant range or simply in the market for restaurant supplies or hotel supplies, we have a great line of products that you can browse.

    Make sure to give us a call or send us an email if you need any assistance during your shopping. Our team of foodservice equipment consultants will be more than happy to help you pick out the right piece of equipment that will best serve your needs.

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