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Portable Refrigerated Containers

Portable Refrigerated Containers Keep Bulks of Chilled Products Fresh And Safe For Transport

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    Portable Refrigerated Containers: Fresh Food For Longer

    Portable refrigerated containers are the perfect solution for moving chilled food products in bulk. These units are simply durable cabinets that are fully insulated to maintain the cold temperatures at all times to effectively prevent bacteria from developing.

    Product freshness is essential to the success of any foodservice operation. When dealing with perishables, it is important to be equipped with the proper food storage technology that will protect from spoilage and prolong the shelf life of your supply without affecting quality and causing food waste. Transporting food while maintaining its freshness adds another challenge that the industry continues to create convenient and more innovative solutions for.

    Coldtainer is one of the biggest names in the industry that offers some of the best portable refrigerated containers in the market today and we are proud to be a fully authorized distributor of their premium-quality products. These portable cold storage solutions are lightweight and are easy to integrate into most vehicles. There are battery-powered units that can be set up in most transport systems without having to modify the vehicle, which could otherwise lead to more expenses. These units can operate without any electrical connection for several hours before requiring a charge.

    Designed for operations of all scales, portable refrigerated containers from Coldtainer are available in a wide range of sizes. These units are spacious, versatile, and high-quality, ready for heavy work. If you need any assistance in selecting portable refrigerated containers, contact us today and connect with our trained foodservice consultants who will be more than happy to get you the best deals.

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