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Display Cooked Food And Keep It At Perfect Serving Temperatures For Longer With Warming Shelves

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Heated Shelf Food Warmers: Fresher For Longer

When you have great-tasting meals to offer, it is important that customers can enjoy them hot and fresh. However, it becomes a challenge to cook every single order as you receive them, especially when your busiest hours hit. Heated shelf food warmers are the answer to this dilemma. These are food-holding solutions that have a heated shelf designed to keep food perfectly hot without drying it out. 

These warming shelves have a heated base that comes with temperature control so you can achieve desired results for various foods. The base is usually made of stainless steel or aluminum although there are units with a ceramic glass top that not only makes the food warmers very sleek but also improves heat distribution. Some heated shelf food warmers also have bulbs for overhead heating while enhancing the presentation of the food.

Since the base is flat, you can safely place pans and various types of temperature-safe vessels. You can cook food in bulk and then heat it on the shelf food warmers so that it still tastes like it is fresh out of the kitchen when it gets to the customer. There are units with a recessed surface, which prevents the pans from sliding off. Most are designed to be placed on a countertop while some units have a drop-in design, which means they are installed in a cutout on the counter.

Heated shelf food warmers can be placed at kitchen work areas, serve pickup stations, or customer-serving stations. Some warming shelves are not enclosed and easy to access, which means they are also perfect for heating and displaying cooked meals in catered events, banquets, and buffets. You can find units that have a sneeze guard as well if you want added protection from contamination especially when the food is displayed or placed in a self-service station or a customer-accessible area.

These food warmers are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can easily find a unit that can fit the amount of food you need heated at a given time. There are also units with a round base designed for heating pizzas.