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Have Hot and Fresh Food Ready To Go Out During Dinner Rush With Piper Products Warming Shelves

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When serving food to your customers, you always want it to be fresh, warm, and safe to eat. That’s why the warming shelves from Piper Products come with curved sneeze guards made of thick acrylic, designed for self-service. These warming shelves help you lay out the food at the perfect temperature while keeping meals sanitary during service. The entire product line from Piper Products is available at CKitchen. The electrically heated units are available as drop-in or built-in models for use in serving counters to replace steam pans that hide the food; or as portable countertop models that can be easily relocated as required. The drop-in models are provided with either one, two, or three individually controlled hot plate sections. All units are equipped with a toggle master on/off switch and an infinite control with separate pilot lights, one for each hot plate section, located near the base of the frame. In addition, 375-watt quartz heat lamps are mounted in a channel-shaped stainless steel housing to add heat if required. One end of the housing is fitted with a blower to maintain safe temperatures. The operator can adjust the intensity of the heat lamp with the help of an adjustable dimmer. The Hot Spot can provide up to 800ºF, ideal for holding soup, boosting heat, or wok cooking. Check out the entire range of Piper Products warming plates to step up your food service!