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Hatco Commercial Warming Shelves

Hatco Warming Shelves Display and Heat Pre-Cooked Meals At Ideal Serving Temperature To Hep You Get Through The Busiest Hours of The Day

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    Heated shelves have a multitude of functions in a commercial kitchen. You can use them to keep food at the right temperature just before service, lay out food for a buffet service, or to keep take-out boxes warm until they are ready for delivery. It’s no wonder that heated shelves are essential tools in restaurant kitchens. Hatco’s range of heated shelves, available at CKitchen, is known for its efficiency and versatility. Hatco units have an aluminum exterior, fiberglass insulation, and an adjustable thermostat that provides temperatures between 80-180 degrees Fahrenheit. Their heating units are durable and will not break or burn out. Each plate is insulated with fiberglass, which keeps the heat at the holding surface for uniform distribution. Their aluminum bases and stainless steel tops make them easy to maintain and clean without rust or corrosion affecting their quality. Hatco offers heated shelves in drop-in and freestanding models. Drop-in heated shelves are installed directly into counter surfaces, ideal if you have fixed heating workstations in your kitchen. Freestanding heated shelves are portable and can be set directly on countertops, carts, or tables, making them suitable for catering events, concession stands, or food trucks. Each unit stands in non-slip rubber feet, which adds to its stability. In addition, the range is available in a wide variety of colors, making them fit seamlessly with many kitchen aesthetics. Check out the entire range of Hatco warming shelves and make the right choice for your commercial kitchen.
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