Any order going to Houston TX or anywhere in Florida will get a 10% discount.
This discount was set up to assist those hurricane victims that lost equipment and need to replace them.


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S. Y. P (Lake Charles, Louisiana)
The product we wanted our store
Chris P (Nevada, Iowa)
Thumbs up.\n
Gayle D (madison, Connecticut)
This is the best slicer!!!!
Chantal P (New Hampton, Iowa)
I bought 2 of these mixers site unseen for my bakery and I love them!!! Great customer service too!
Excellent service
john t
just what i needed. happy to find it was exactly like the description said. no issues so far. very pleased. thanks
Timothy Percol
Purchased several more of these, as I have bought them in the past and was very pleased. Will continue to come back because of the excellent products, quality and service. Thank you once again!
Karl Marsh
Large and durable, just like we wanted. Excellent product so far. Especially love the digital features on this one.
Erica Compton
I've purchased Globe products for years and have no complaints. Just bought this panini grill and it is one of a kind. Still love the Globe products! Highly recommended!
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