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Countertop Hot Food Display Warmers

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    Heated Merchandisers: Display Food In Style

    Any operator understands the importance of putting fresh food products in front of customers in increasing profits. With a delicious spread of food showcased and ready to eat, you can easily grab the attention of hungry customers and even people on the go in need of a quick meal. Heated merchandisers are designed to display hot food in style. They have heated shelves that keep packaged products hot for longer periods. 

    Hot food display warmers are available in a wide variety of styles to fit most operations. You can find units with flat shelves or slanted shelves, which give customers a better view of the entire spread of products placed on the shelf. Most merchandisers are only enclosed at the top and sides, which create a pass-through configuration that makes loading products convenient from the service side. Since they are placed on the counter, most heated merchandisers have four shelves at most. If you are looking for a higher capacity, there are units with extended widths. Each shelf usually has its own thermostat so you can set different heating zones required for each type of food you display.

    Many countertop hot food display warmers are enclosed at the top and have glass panels on the side, which makes them sleek in appearance, but also adds a level of protection from outside elements that can sully the taste and quality of the products. Even then, since these merchandisers are designed for use with packaged foods, the minimal enclosures and glass panels will ensure the clear visibility of the products and make them easier to access. There are units with curved glass at the front, which also serve as doors through which customers can get their food selection at a self-service station.

    Heated merchandisers with a single shelf usually are wider, so you can place an array of products. Some even have dividers so you can arrange the products by type, making it look presentable but also easier for customers to make their selection.

    Hot food display warmers come in different colors and designs so you can find models that fit well with the aesthetics of your store. Some maintain the industrial look of the stainless steel or a sleek black coating while some have colorful finishes including brighter hues like red and green. Some heated merchandisers can also be set up between your cooking station and your server pickup stations, so cooked products can be placed by your kitchen staff and then grabbed by your servers to deliver to customers without wasting precious time.

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