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Holding and Proofing Cabinets

Proof Dough and Create the Best-Tasting Baked Goods Using Proofer Cabinets

Holding and Proofing Cabinets

Best Holding and Proofing Cabinets

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Proof Dough and Create the Best-Tasting Baked Goods Using Proofer Cabinets

Proofer Cabinets: Create the Perfect Dough

Proofer cabinets offer a convenient way for bakeries and other foodservice establishments that bake breads and other baked favorites day-in, day-out. When the commercial kitchen gets busy, proofing cabinets take the guesswork out of proofing large amounts of dough to ensure that you can maximize your time knowing you are getting the best results.

Proofing cabinets create the ideal conditions for dough to rise in order to get it ready for baking. This process involves getting the right temperature and humidity, so this can get very tricky when not done right, which results in wasted time and food. Mobile proofer cabinets that are mounted on heavy-duty casters further streamline your workflow as they can be very easily maneuvered to areas of your facility where they are needed.

There are multi-purpose units that are a holding cabinet and a proofing cabinet in a single piece of equipment. They are sometimes called heated holding cabinets because they are versatile enough for holding and proofing. You can use them to proof dough to perfection and also hold the dough or other food warm and at safe temperatures for longer periods until they are ready to be used or served. This flexibility saves you space while also helping you dominate your busiest hours.

Proofer cabinets come in different styles and capacities. You can get half and full-height, both able to fit sheet pans. There are insulated and non-insulated proofers. Non-insulated mobile proofer cabinets are economical solutions for those in need of a quick proofing fix. Insulated proofing cabinets do a better job of minimizing heat loss, which also leads to greater energy efficiency.

Some proofer cabinets have clear polycarbonate or glass doors so that everything inside is always in view and therefore easy to monitor. Units with solid doors tend to offer increased insulation but could lead to more opening and closing.

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