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Commercial Chest Refrigerators

Chest Refrigerator For Storing Your Merchandise and Daily Perishables

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    Chest Refrigerators Keep Products Safe and Accessible

    A chest refrigerator is a great investment for supermarkets, grocery stores, and any other establishments with perishables or chilled merchandise that need to be stored in a cold environment for longer periods. Chest refrigerators can help you prevent waste and maximize the shelf life of your supply.

    Unlike upright freezers or refrigerators, chest refrigerators are easier to reach because of the vertical design. They have a temperature range the same as that of the standard refrigerators, and these units allow temperature control so you can always make sure that your products are stored in a safe environment. Many chest refrigerators come with an interior fan designed to keep the temperature inside the unit cool. Some units also have a frost-free operation, so it requires less effort to keep the fridge running smoothly.

    There are also chest refrigerators that double as chest freezers, which means that they can be set to the usual commercial chest freezer temperature to safely store and merchandise frozen foods. Some have an energy-efficient design that helps keep the power consumption low so you can save on utility costs while still being able to store your daily merchandise.

    Available in a wide range of cubic feet capacity, chest refrigerators have wire baskets, dividers, and even hanging shelves that help you organize the products. These chest refrigerators also have interior lights that ensure everything inside visible to customers, so they can easily find the items they want without having to open the lid. When they open the door, chest refrigerators usually have a soft-close mechanism to make sure that the unit is shut after every access to make sure cold air stays inside.

    Due to the design, the evaporator is usually installed at the bottom of the fridge, where it will also be easy to access when servicing is required.

    We have an amazing selection of chest refrigerators from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. Expect top-notch quality that you can count on for many years. If you need any assistance in choosing the right equipment for your needs, feel free to contact us so that our friendly foodservice consultants can help you.
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