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Ice Cream Novelty Merchandisers

Boost Your Sales By Presenting Your Ice Cream Offerings At Their Best With Our Ice Cream Novelty Merchandisers

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Popular Brands for Ice Cream Novelty Merchandisers

Beverage Air Blue Air Kelvinator Commercial Summit Commercial Maxx Cold Excellence
Maxx Cold MXF31F X-Series Ice Cream Freezer
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Maxx Cold Maxximum MXF48CHC-5 Maxx Cold X-Series Chest Freezer Ice Cream
Your Price$974.11
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Maxx Cold Maxximum MXF54CHC-6 Maxx Cold X-Series Chest Freezer Ice Cream
Your Price$1,020.69
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Maxx Cold MXF52F X-Series Ice Cream Freezer
Your Price$1,160.03
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Maxx Cold Maxximum MXF64CHC-7 Maxx Cold X-Series Chest Freezer Ice Cream
Your Price$1,252.78
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Maxx Cold Maxximum MXF72CHC-8 Maxx Cold X-Series Chest Freezer Ice Cream
Your Price$1,345.53
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Maxx Cold MXF71F X-Series Ice Cream Freezer
Your Price$1,392.12
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    Ice Cream Merchandisers: Increase Your Impulse Sales

    Ice cream merchandisers are a type of chest freezers specifically designed to store and display ice cream. These food storage solutions are vertical so that customers can view and easily access the spread of products you have on sale.

    There are many types of ice cream merchandisers. For grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores, ice cream merchandisers typically have glass doors at the top to create a large viewing area through which customers can survey and explore the offerings. These ice cream merchandisers have white painted steel exterior to create that clean sleek appearance. There are removable wire baskets where small ice cream products will be stored while large shelves are provided to divide up the space to fit ice cream tubs. These refrigeration solutions are available in a wide range of capacities so you can find a unit that meets your exact storage needs. 

    Some ice cream product displays such as the state-of-the-art units we have from SandenVendo have an open-air design, which means there are no doors or barriers between the product and the customer. This not only provides clear visibility of the products but also encourages more impulse sales. Customers won't have to open a door to get the ice cream they want, eliminating issues about ice cream freezer being left accidentally ajar during a crowded and busy day, which in other types of freezers could negatively affect the temperature and, in turn, the quality of the contents.

    Ice cream novelty merchandisers provide excellent temperature control and monitoring capabilities so you can always be confident that your products are stored at the desired conditions. This ensures that the ice cream stays high-quality and safe from freezer burn, which manifests as the unsightly ice crystals that diminish the quality, texture, and taste of the product. With a reliable ice cream merchandiser, you can offer customers with delicious ice cream treats at any time of the day.

    CKitchen has an excellent selection of ice cream merchandisers from some of the leading brands in the industry. We ensure that all our products are superb in quality and performance so you can be confident of the products you serve to your guests and customers.

    If you are looking for other refrigeration solutions, we have a massive line of upright freezers and refrigerators, merchandisers, chest freezers, walk-ins, bar refrigeration, and countertop refrigeration equipment. We make sure to provide the best solutions for all your food production and foodservice needs at the best prices. CKitchen has the lowest prices guaranteed online paired with shipping. If you need any assistance during your shopping, our team of foodservice equipment consultants will be more than happy to help via call or email.

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