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Buying Guide: How to Choose Commercial Refrigerators
Buying Guide: How to Choose Commercial Refrigerators

Refrigerators are essential to the success of any foodservice establishment. Every commercial kitchen needs at least one refrigerator to store cold items and keep them fresh. This ensures that you produce high-quality food products that are safe for consumption for your customers.

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Buying Guide: How to Buy Merchandisers for Your Foodservice Establishment
Buying Guide: How to Buy Merchandisers for Your Foodservice Establishment
In this buying guide, we’re going to show you the various types of merchandisers, their defining features, and what they are best used for. We’re also going to discuss the important features you need to look for and some tips for choosing a merchandiser that suits your needs.  Read More
A Guide to Choosing Display Refrigeration

Note! Most of the units below are available with remote compressors. These require installation by a refrigeration technician, and this adds a lot of cost. Units situated in warm areas will work more efficiently and not add to the already warm ambient temperature if the condenser and compressor are place in a well-ventilated room. If they are placed outdoors, you will need to note that in your order so that an outdoor hood and heater can be included.

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A Guide to Choosing Merchandisers
Considerations for Choosing a Merchandiser: Do you want customers to serve themselves? Are you displaying hot or cold foods? Do you want access from both sides? Do you need to remote the refrigeration because the unit is going into an already warm location?

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A Guide to Choosing Buffet Equipment

The key to a successful buffet setup is having the equipment to keep bulk amounts of foods both looking, tasting, and - in essence - being fresh. Small catering companies to large banquet restaurants and even cafeterias will all need to look into investing in specialty buffet equipment in addition to many of the standard pieces of kitchen equipment you’ll already have in back-of-the-house.

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Increase Customer Impulse Buys with Display Bins

While every restaurant or commercial eatery knows the importance of getting customers to come in, sit down, relax and enjoy the atmosphere, we also must not overlook another segment of business that has very low overhead and the possibility for an added revenue stream with high profitability.

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Refrigerated Prep Table Maintenance

Refrigerated prep tables are pivotal for many restaurant kitchens, giving employees the ability to utilize the benefits of a refrigerated area and a prep area in one. To extend the life of your refrigerated prep table as well as ensure a safe work environment, regular maintenance is the key.

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Is It Time to Replace Your Refrigerated Merchandiser?

Your refrigerated merchandiser is meant to capture the attention of your customers and reel in some impulse buys, but if it’s catching their attention in all the wrong ways due to its broken-down appearance, then it may be time to replace.

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Federal Industries Recent Reviews
mark sherwin
very happy we added this to the restaurant. only positive results so far! will recommend to others.
Timothy Gunther
Love the combination of the refrigerated self-serve bottom with the hot serve top. Very high quality and multi-functioning piece. Highly recommended.
D & J Higgins
Newly purchased countertop display case is easily accessible to our customers. They seem very satisfied, as do we.
Vanessa L
Fabulous addition to the diner. Well-liked by everybody. So many optional additions as well. I would gladly recommend this display case to others.
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