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Electric Meat Tenderizers

Tenderize Tough Cuts of Meat with Our Electric-Powered Meat Tenderizers

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Skyfood Equipment ABI Meat Tenderizer, Electric
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Skyfood Equipment ABS Meat Tenderizer, Electric
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Skyfood Equipment INT90S Meat Tenderizer, Electric
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SIRMAN USA DRAKE (40005258) Meat Tenderizer  electric
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Bizerba Hobart SIRMAN USA Skyfood Equipment
Hobart 403+BUILDUP Meat Tenderizer,  countertop model,  1/2 Hp motor
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    Electric Meat Tenderizers: Enhanced Dining

    If meat dishes are on the menu, electric meat tenderizers are a worthwhile investment to make sure that every meal that comes out of your kitchen is high-quality and flavorful. Electric meat tenderizers are the supercharged versions of the handheld meat mallets used at home. These machines have a motor, delivering more power to speed up the process to soften the toughest meat.

    Tenderizing meats is the process of breaking down the meat fibers so that it absorbs moisture thoroughly. The marinade penetrates the meat in its every strand so that it is packed with flavor and it should be much easier to chew and digest. Tenderized meat cooks faster as a result as well because they are already soft and tender to start. Meat tenderizers are no doubt a convenient solution to enhance the quality of the tough cuts of meat.

    Meat tenderizers can make quick work of tough cuts of meat such as steak or pork, resulting in a juicier and more tender dish that boasts the perfect taste and texture. If you are tenderizing tough meat all day, electric meat tenderizers will save you the pain brought about by the long hours of doing it manually. Electric meat tenderizers are easily disassembled for cleaning so it takes no time to maintain. Plus, the stainless steel doesn't rust, which is very useful with a task like meat tenderizing, where it can get messy very easily.

    CKitchen has an excellent selection of electric meat tenderizers to suit your operation. These units are reliable, top-quality, and easy to clean for a headache-free meat prep. We carry products from only the best brands in the business and provide the lowest pricing around to give you the affordable quality you won't find anywhere else. If you are looking for other food prep equipment such as a meat grinder, a meat mixer, or a food processor, we have a great line of products for you.

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