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Increase The Accuracy and Consistency of Your Kitchen With Our Commercial Kitchen Scales


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Digital Scales : Measuring Up to Excellence

Digital Scales : Measuring Up to Excellence

Consistency in your menu items truly boils down to how well you measure your ingredients. In the argument for digital kitchen scales, there are many factors that prove that utilizing digital scales in your everyday operations is the best way to measure items in your restaurant.

Using Digital Scales

Using Digital Scales

While cups and measuring spoons have been used for years to measure ingredients, digital scales are truly the way to go when it comes to accurate measurement.

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Bizerba Hobart TAYLOR PRECISION PRODUCTS Thunder Group Globe Alegacy Foodservice Products CDN Edlund FMP RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL PRODUCT San Jamar Winco Admiral Craft Skyfood Equipment

Increase The Accuracy and Consistency of Your Kitchen With Our Commercial Kitchen Scales

Commercial Kitchen Scales:  For Precision And Consistency

Precise product measurement is crucial to keeping your production on target. By accurately weighing ingredients with kitchen scales, you are able to maintain consistency in each meal you serve, make the most of the supply, and minimize food waste.

There are two types of commercial kitchen scales: digital and dial commercial kitchen scales. Both can weigh dry items and display the weight in grams, pounds, and pounds plus ounces. Digital scales also allow liquid measurement in fluid ounce and milliliter. There are dial and digital portion scales dedicated to portion control with some designed for specific products like ice cream. Hanging scales typically used for weighing fish and meats provide readouts at the eye level that both customers and staff can see. For those with a small space to work with, bench scales are the perfect solution. They can be pretty versatile with some units equipped with lift-off platforms and casters for mobility.

Dial vs. Digital Kitchen Scales

Dial kitchen scales use an indicator or pointer that moves to a specific number that represents the weight of the items. For accurate measurement, these units typically have a knob that allows you to reset the scale to zero before placing the items to be weighed. Digital scales simplify this task to a single button-push with the tare function. Digital kitchen scales are generally easier to use as they take much of the guesswork and minimize human errors by displaying the exact measurements on backlit displays.

Dial kitchen scales are typically equipped with a removable and easy-to-clean stainless steel bowl or plate where the ingredients are placed to be weighed. Their digital counterparts usually have a seamless flat surface, making them more compact and easy to store.

CKitchen.com offers a line of kitchen and food scales from trusted manufacturers such as Admiral Craft, Bizerba, Globe, and Hobart. We have a great selection to meet your every need including top-loading countertop models with varying steel platform sizes, a dual read feature, and temperature compensation. The capacity of these kitchen scales ranges from 32 ounces to 100 lbs.

Our digital scales are designed to deliver precision measuring and long battery life for ease of operation and long service life. For large-scale check weighing, counting, and other industrial use, we have floor scales and washdown scales. 

Get your next kitchen scale here at CKitchen.com for guaranteed reliability and performance at low prices. If you need any assistance during your shopping, call our certified foodservice consultants who are always ready to help you make the right decisions on the restaurant equipment you choose. If you are looking for more small front-house and food prep equipment, we have a multitude of products you can browse, ranging from food cutters and blenders to label printers and price computing scales.


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