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Mechanical Portion Scales

Mechanical Portion Scales Provide Accurate Readings Of Product Weight To Ensure Proper Serving Size

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    Mechanical Portion Scales: Maximize Supply, Reduce Food Waste

    Mechanical portion scales provide the accuracy and precision required to run a profitable and efficient foodservice operation. These humble kitchen tools help you maximize the use of your inventory and keep track of how your supply is replenished. Mechanical portion scales ensure that you don't go over or under the set food portion size.

    As the name suggests, mechanical portion scales feature a rotating dial and a pointer that moves toward the designated number on the dial that represents the actual weight of the items placed on the weighing platform. Our Mechanical portion scales are easy to read to prevent errors. A tare knob is included to allow users to bring the dial back to zero in order to get accurate readings.

    The weighing platform on portion control scales usually a stainless steel plate or basin that can be removed for easy cleaning. Most portion scales can be used on most foods, but there are specialized dial scales such as ice cream mechanical portion scales that make it easy to handle and measure a food item that will generally be more difficult to weigh such as this frozen treat.

    Mechanical portion scales come in a range of capacities to suit most applications. CKitchen has a great selection from top industry brands like FMP and RJ Schinner. These units are built for heavy work in the toughest kitchens with features like shatterproof dial covers and water resistance. Our mechanical portion scales come in sleek exteriors and assorted colors so they can fit easily in any environment.

    If you are looking for other kitchen tools and equipment for your foodservice establishment, CKitchen has thousands of products from trusted manufacturers that you can choose from. We deliver high-quality foodservice solutions at the lowest prices guaranteed to help you build a fully realized kitchen that is efficient and productive.

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