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Using Digital Scales

Using Digital Scales

While cups and measuring spoons have been used for years to measure ingredients, digital scales are truly the way to go when it comes to accurate measurement. Indeed, even exprienced chefs can tell you that minute changes in measured ingredients can have a deep impact on the resulting dish.


Digital scales provide a numerical output for the weight of your products, and digital kitchen/portions scales are specifically designed for measuring portions (as opposed to receiving scales, which are an entirely different story!). You might be saying that other measuring devices could arguably do the same job, but downfalls in consistent measurements with other measuring tools can yeild drastically different results. Consider, for instance, that a teaspoon of water is a different weight than a teaspoon of cinnamon, and you’ll begin to see what we’re talking about.


Consistency is merely the result of accuracy, as a scale that has an accurate measurement and output will assuredly provide consistent results. Consider the previous example of a packed cup of cinnamon versus a scooped/loose cup of cinnamon and the potentially disastrous results due to mismeasurement! When your products are consistent, your guests will view your restaurant as reliable - and they’ll be sure to return often since they know that the product they ordered last time will be exactly the same the next time they order it!

Consider the cost benefits of consistent and accurate measurements as well. Your usage and resulting costs are more predictable when employees are properly and accurately measuring products! You’ll lose less money due to wrong measurements, whether it be from a heaping cup of flour or a dish that turned out wrong due to improper measurement.


As we mentioned before, dial-type scales can especially build up dirt and grime over time. Digital scales have a flat, stainless steel surface that can be easily wiped and cleaned. Clean, sealed surfaces don’t harbor bacteria, and digital scales tend to have these qualities!

Cynthia Maier



Sales Consultant


E Friedman Associates Inc


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