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Electric Cheese Graters

Prepare Ingredients In No Time With Commercial Electric Graters

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AMPTO RQD050 Hard Cheese Grater
Your Price$502.82
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Your Price$917.45
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Skyfood Equipment MFP-SS Grater, Electric
Your Price$937.34
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AMPTO RQS100 Soft Cheese Grater
Your Price$939.28
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AMPTO RQD100 Hard Cheese Grater
Your Price$1,024.35
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AMPTO RQD150 Hard Cheese Grater
Your Price$1,154.35
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SIRMAN USA GFX HP 1.5 - 110V Grater, Electric
Your Price$1,728.70
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Popular Brands for Electric Cheese Graters

Santos SIRMAN USA AMPTO Skyfood Equipment
AMPTO RQD200 Grater, Electric
Your Price$1,817.52
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SIRMAN USA GFX HP 2-110 Grater, Electric
Your Price$2,339.35
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SIRMAN USA GFX HP 2-220 Grater, Electric
Your Price$2,584.20
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AMPTO RQD300 Grater, Electric
Your Price$2,628.91
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SIRMAN USA GF HP 4 Grater, Electric
Your Price$3,926.45
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    Commercial Cheese Graters For Quicker Prep Time

    Make prep time quicker with commercial electric graters from CKitchen. We have a line of electric graters from some of the most trusted brands in the industry that ensure you can get consistent quality on the ingredients with minimal effort.

    If your recipes incorporate a lot of cheese, commercial cheese graters or electric cheese shredders will be an essential addition to your kitchen. Grating cheese can be time-consuming when done manually, which is not ideal especially when you have a lot of orders during the day. Commercial cheese graters are a quick solution that speeds up this essential process so you are able to maximize the day and save labor costs in the process.

    There are different types of commercial cheese graters to suit your needs. There are units specifically designed for hard cheeses and there are those engineered to handle the complicated process of shredding soft cheeses, which can easily create a sticky mess with much of the product ending up stuck on the grating surface when not done right.
    Commercial electric cheese graters are heavy-duty kitchen tools and food prep solutions that allow you to shred large quantities of cheese with little effort. Units typically come with various interchangeable stainless steel drums so you can achieve thick or fine grating.

    Commercial cheese graters from CKitchen are very easy to clean, so you can spend more time making the best-tasting dishes for your customers and less on maintenance. If you are looking for other graters such as rotary cheese graters or box graters, we have a great selection of products for you as well.

    CKitchen offers the best deals on some of foodservice equipment and supplies from industry-leading brands. For any assistance, give us a call or send us an email so that one of our trained foodservice equipment consultants can help you.
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