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Sausage Stuffers

Make Sausage Making Faster and More Sanitary With Commercial Sausage Stuffers

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Hamilton Beach 37-0111-W Weston Original Jerky Gun
Your Price$40.00
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Hamilton Beach 86-0501-W Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer
Your Price$135.00
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Hamilton Beach 86-0701-W Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer
Your Price$194.00
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Skyfood Equipment 3VF Sausage Stuffer, Manual
Your Price$211.12
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Hamilton Beach 86-1101-W Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer
Your Price$223.00
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Hamilton Beach 86-1501-W Weston Vertical Sausage Stuffer
Your Price$251.00
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Skyfood Equipment 7VF Sausage Stuffer, Manual
Your Price$258.84
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Skyfood Equipment 15VF Sausage Stuffer, Manual
Your Price$483.72
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Popular Brands for Sausage Stuffers

Hamilton Beach SIRMAN USA Skyfood Equipment
SIRMAN USA IS 8 X Sausage Stuffer, Manual
Your Price$719.80
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SIRMAN USA IS 16 X Sausage Stuffer, Manual
Your Price$905.65
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SIRMAN USA IS 12 VX Sausage Stuffer, Manual
Your Price$1,067.90
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SIRMAN USA IS 15 IDRA Sausage Stuffer, Electric
Your Price$3,147.65
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SIRMAN USA IS 25 IDRA-1 PHASE Sausage Stuffer, Electric
Your Price$4,262.75
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SIRMAN USA IS 35 IDRA Sausage Stuffer, Electric
Your Price$5,982.60
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    Commercial Sausage Stuffers For Your Business

    Sausage stuffers are a fundamental addition to the production of a sausage maker. Machines designed for heavy-duty applications and commercial use have a stainless steel construction to protect from rust and damage so that they can last for many years. Depending on your production, your skill level, and your budget, you can choose from manual and electric sausage stuffers. Both have a stainless steel cylinder to hold the sausage meat and to connect to the stuffing tubes, but they differ in a lot of ways.

    Manual sausage stuffers are more affordable because they still require a little bit of manual intervention and skill, but they have a simple design that should be straightforward to use and easy to master over time. These units are equipped with a lever that is cranked manually to allow the piston to push the sausage meat into the sausage stuffing tube and finally into the sausage casing. Manual sausage stuffers are also more compact in terms of size and do not need a power supply, which gives you more flexibility with regards to the placement of the unit in your kitchen.

    The heavy-duty commercial-grade manual sausage stuffers will typically need two people, one to operate the hand crank and the other guiding the sausage meat as it comes out of the stuffer tubes and directly into the casing. Most models can switch between two speeds to accommodate the user and allow for greater versatility. Keep in mind that manual units can also cause the user to be physically strained after prolonged use.

    If high-volume sausage stuffing is an integral part of your daily operation, hydraulic sausage stuffers will be the better option. These units reduce the task to a push of a button. When the machine is plugged, simply load the meat into the cylinder and the casing into the tubes, and let the stuffer do the rest. Since electric sausage stuffers are powered by a motor, they can also make quick work of tougher meats. 

    During your shopping, you will also notice that there are vertical and horizontal sausage stuffers on the market. The difference lies simply in how the cylinder is mounted and in the end, it comes down to personal preference. Horizontal sausage stuffers are recommended for beginner users and are perfect for use at home.

    Stainless steel vertical sausage stuffers typically come in larger capacities, especially the electric models, and are therefore more common in food processing and foodservice establishments. There are small-volume units as well, which can be ideal for those who don't have a lot of space to spare.

    Another type of sausage filling machine you will find is a horn model, which is a manually operated machine made of cast iron that is plated with tin or chrome. These units are low-capacity models are best for use for those who are just starting out or are working with a small batch only. No matter which type of sausage stuffer you choose, most of the components are removable for easy cleaning.

    CKitchen has a great selection of commercial sausage stuffers from industry-leading brands to ensure quality and performance. These models come with a range of capacities and are constructed with high-quality materials to keep up with your busy operation. If you are looking for other food prep solutions such as meat slicers, meat grinders, meat mixers, and many more, we have a great selection here at CKitchen.

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