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Univex SPRIZZA40 Pizza Spinner
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Univex SPRIZZA50 Pizza Spinner
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    If you want to ramp up your pizzeria’s output or you run an establishment that wants to offer hand-tossed style pizza without needing to seek out trained workers that know how to make hand-spun pizza, a Pizza Spinner or Dough Opener is what you’re looking for. 

    Hand-tossed pizza has a unique flavor and texture because the dough is thinner in the center and thicker towards the edges due to the centrifugal forces acting on it when it’s tossed in the air. Pizza Spinners & Dough Openers emulate this action mechanically.

    Another added plus with pizza spinners and dough openers is the dough prepared is consistent in size making it easy to replicate over and over to maintain quality while easily regulating how much dough is used.

    The pizza spinners & dough openers offered on CKitchen come from industry-trusted brands Univex and Skyfood Equipment. Their products are used by commercial operators around the globe and will be dependable in your commercial kitchen. 

    Realize your business’ potential by bringing that pie in the sky back down to earth with a pizza spinner or dough opener today!

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