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A Guide to Choosing Slicers
A Guide to Choosing Slicers

There are two types of slicing machines: manual and automatic. Depending on your needs, products, and volume, you’re likely to opt for one machine over the other.

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Slicer Buying Guide
Things to consider:
  • Volume/Usage
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Safety
  • Construction
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Commercial Slicers Recent Reviews
Jeff G (Greer, South Carolina)
Awesome machine for a small footprint
Robert C (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
It’s everything promised.
Elliot F (Brooklyn, New York)
Low cost (from Hobart standards) but heavier duty than cheap knock offs. Good value for the money!
joanne a (attleboro, Massachusetts)
this was purchased as a gift so I do not know the quality first hand but the recipient seems very pleased with it.
Jacques R (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
all is ok
Donald F (Fostoria, Ohio)
Product works great I have 2 of the same ones and I am very pleased with new one
eumelia n (north richland hills, Texas)
Use daily for small deli
Chris P (Nevada, Iowa)
Thumbs up.\n
Gayle D (madison, Connecticut)
This is the best slicer!!!!
Diane P (Ames, Iowa)
Product appears to be very good
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