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A Guide to Choosing Slicers

There are two types of slicing machines: manual and automatic. Depending on your needs, products, and volume, you’re likely to opt for one machine over the other.

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Slicer Buying Guide
Things to consider:
  • Volume/Usage
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Safety
  • Construction
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Commercial Slicers Recent Reviews
Elliot F (Brooklyn, New York)
Low cost (from Hobart standards) but heavier duty than cheap knock offs. Good value for the money!
joanne a (attleboro, Massachusetts)
this was purchased as a gift so I do not know the quality first hand but the recipient seems very pleased with it.
Jacques R (Fredericksburg, Virginia)
all is ok
Donald F (Fostoria, Ohio)
Product works great I have 2 of the same ones and I am very pleased with new one
eumelia n (north richland hills, Texas)
Use daily for small deli
Chris P (Nevada, Iowa)
Thumbs up.\n
Gayle D (madison, Connecticut)
This is the best slicer!!!!
Diane P (Ames, Iowa)
Product appears to be very good
Leila Gordon
High quality and reliable piece of equipment. Functions well. Easy to clean. Great price as well!
ken harvey
very durable and effective. extremely happy with this purchase. thank you
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