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Wedgers: Fruit,Vegetable, and Potato

Create Perfect Slices of Fruits, Vegetables, and Potatoes With Our Top-Quality Wedge Cutters

Fruit and Vegetable Wedge Cutters: Speed Up Prep Time

Fruit and vegetable wedgers or wedge cutters are an excellent addition to busy commercial kitchens. These machines help you save time and labor by providing a way to slice up ingredients in just a matter of seconds. When you run a bustling foodservice business with no end of customers to serve day-in, day-out, cutting up fruits and vegetables into wedges manually may not be ideal.

Fruit and vegetable wedgers make the process simple as ever. Simply place a piece of the fruit or vegetable above the blade frame and then push down the handle so that the push block presses the product into the blade to produce perfect wedges ready to use for your food and beverages.

Fruit and vegetable wedge cutters here on CKitchen deliver sharp and precise cuts without crushing the items. These wedgers cut cleanly and precisely, guaranteeing consistent quality with little effort and time. They are sturdy in build si they can stand up to long term use. The feet are non-skid to keep the wedger from sliding or moving around the counter.

With a fruit and vegetable wedge cutter in your kitchen, your staff can do more in a short amount of time without compromising quality. If you are looking for other food prep equipment such as french fry cutters and meat slices, we have a great selection for you here at CKitchen. Our products come from some of the most trusted brands in the market today. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed as well as free shipping so you can build your dream kitchen without going over your budget.