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Hamburger Patty Presses and Accessories

Commercial Hamburger Patty Press Make Sure Each Burger Patty Is Consistent in Shape, Size, and Thickness

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Globe PP4 Patty Press burger mold
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Thunder Group Globe Univex Hamilton Beach Alegacy Foodservice Products Eurodib USA HAROLD IMPORTS CO. Libertyware LODGE MFG. NORPRO REYMA USA SIRMAN USA Winco Admiral Craft
Univex 1404 PattyPress™ Burger Mold
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Univex 1405 PattyPress™ Burger Mold
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Univex 1406 PattyPress™ Burger Mold
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Hamilton Beach 07-0301 Weston Hamburger Press
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    The Best Hamburger Press For Your Business

    Whether you run a burger joint or looking to introduce burger items to your menu, a hamburger press will be excellent to have in your kitchen. A hamburger press, or simply a hamburger patty press, lets you create consistently sized and shaped dozens of burger patties in a matter of minutes with minimal effort.

    These are commercial-grade versions of the humble dishwasher-safe stuffed burger press with a non-stick coating used at home. extremely useful machines that speed up the process of molding ground beef into a round patty ready for cooking or grilling. Hamburger presses ensure that each burger patty has a uniform size, shape, and thickness, giving you better control over how meat is portioned while maintaining consistency across every single burger you serve to customers.

    Most hamburger patty makers typically have two round chambers, one for the meat and the other to hold the patty papers or wax papers, which prevent the meat from sticking onto the machine and from sticking to each other. Both chambers are sized to the chosen diameter of your burger patty. Standard diameters range from four to six inches. A round disc called a tamper is used to press the meat and is controlled from a lever.

    Depending on how the machine was designed, the user simply pulls or pushes the lever to move the tamper over the meat chamber and with light pressure, is pushed down for a few seconds to mold it into the perfect patty. Some units have a much simpler clampdown design that uses a disc for shaping. Either way, the process takes only a few seconds, so you can easily mold hundreds in an hour.

    Hamburger presses come with a heavy-duty stainless steel design so not only are they highly durable they are also very easy to clean. Some units have a die-cast aluminum, which makes for a lightweight and solid machine. Although primarily used for ground beef, hamburger presses can be versatile in that it can also shape other types of meat such as fish cakes, salmon, and turkey. With hamburger presses, you can make consistently sized burgers every time, improving the quality of your food while also maximizing your supply.

    CKitchen has an excellent selection of top-quality, well-made hamburger presses from trusted brands offered at the lowest prices with free shipping. These units are designed to perform in a rigorous kitchen environment and will surely make your burger-making much faster and more sanitary. If you need any assistance in choosing the best press patty maker for you or any other equipment for your kitchen, call or send us an email so our friendly foodservice equipment consultants could promptly help.

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