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Commercial Meat Mixers

Mix Meat Efficiently and Sanitarily with Commercial Meat Mixers

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Hamilton Beach 36-1901-W Weston Meat Mixer
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Skyfood Equipment MMS-50I Meat Mixer
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SIRMAN USA IP 50 M Meat Mixer
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    The Best Meat Mixers For Your Operation

    Commercial meat mixers, sometimes called sausage meat mixers, are a fundamental component of meat processing. Commercial meat mixers are specially designed for processing large quantities of meat at a time, making your kitchen much more efficient and productive. If you have been doing your meat mixing by hand, this is a convenient solution that will save you time and labor.

    You can use these reliable machines to blend ground meat and other types of meat with spices and other ingredients to get a consistent, beautifully textured, and high-quality finished product perfect for creating favorites like burgers, hotdogs, and meat pies. With meat mixers, you can accomplish this important task in a more sanitary, labor-saving way than doing it by hand. 

    Commercial meat mixers are food processing machines specially engineered for meats but are versatile enough to mix other types of food such as potato salad. You can choose between manual and electric units, depending on your operation, your space, and your budget.

    The actual mixing is done by the removable stainless steel paddles, which are activated manually or at the push of a button, depending on the type of unit you have. There are usually multiple paddles, the standard is four, which are interconnected in a single tube to help maintain consistency.

    Manually operated commercial meat mixers have a handle that needs to be cranked in order for the paddles to rotate and ultimately mix the meat. While there's a bit of elbow grease involved, it will still be much more efficient than mixing by hand especially when you have to do it every single day or with large amounts at a time.

    Manual meat mixers should be perfect for small-volume applications especially since they have a more modest capacity with 20 lbs being the standard. Manual meat mixers and low-capacity electric meat mixers are usually compact enough to sit on a countertop, so there is some portability to them as well. They have non-skid feet to prevent slipping during use.

    Electric-powered units can mix much larger quantities of meat at a time because they are powered by a high horsepower or hp motor that can deliver the force required. Larger units are able to hold more than 200 lbs of meat. High-capacity units typically have a tilting tub that aids in safely transferring the mixed meat into smaller vessels. Electric units also allow forward and reverse mixing for enhanced control and flexibility of the process so you can get desired results every single time.

    Commercial meat mixers have a stainless steel construction from the crank and the paddles to the mixing tub itself to prevent rust and perform well in the toughest of kitchen conditions. Most units can be disassembled for easy cleaning, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on maintenance and focus on delivering top-quality food with less effort and strain on your kitchen staff. 

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