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Black Kegerators Are Versatile and Attractive Beer Dispensers

Beer Dispensers

Beer Dispensers

Beer dispensers are versatile beer coolers that provide a single solution for storing and dispensing draft beer and other beverages from behind the bar.
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Club Top Beer Dispensers

Club top dispensers can store and maintain beer kegs and glassware at ideal temperatures for maximum use of floor space.
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Black Kegerators: Sleek and Cool Way To Have Beers On Tap

Beer dispensers, sometimes called keg dispensers, are versatile powerhouses that offer exceptional value from behind the bar to operations that serve a crowd of customers who want an ice-cold beer on tap. Apart from serving up refreshing pints, black kegerators also enhance the look of your facility.

The black panels on these good-looking kegerators create a smooth, polished design that will seamlessly integrate into most setups, and will surely add to the overall aesthetics of your bar.

Black kegerators typically use laminated black vinyl on the front and the sides to get that attractive look. This material is not only visually appealing; it is also heavy-duty and resistant to wear so that the appearance of the unit can be maintained effortlessly and preserved for years to come even with daily use. They also won't show scratches or smudges to preserve their sleek appearance even in heavy use.

The countertop surface is made of stainless steel to support the busy operation. Stainless steel makes for rugged construction and should also be super easy to wipe down so your bartenders can focus less on cleaning and more on serving customers. Drip trays are also available to help you keep the bar sanitary.

Full-size black kegerators usually have one to three storage sections with capacity for half-size kegs with most using co2 tanks for dispensing. The smallest units typically fit a half-size barrel and come with one beer tower with a single tap. Small black kegerators are mounted on casters so that they can be easily transformed into a mobile bar in a snap.

A single beer draft tower typically has up to two (2) keg couplers. For high-demand applications, you can get black kegerators with up to 12 taps in order to pour several glasses all at once for faster service.

There are also black kegerators that also have cold storage space for bottled and canned beverages so that you can combine products in a single footprint. These units are highly versatile and are perfect for bars where draft beer and pre-packaged drinks are sought after. The glass door from where the bottled and canned drinks can be seen also make it more noticeable, which can help increase impulse sales.

CKitchen is your best source for affordable, high-quality black kegerators. We have units from some of the most trusted brands in the world such as Beverage-Air, Glastender, Master-Bilt, and Hoshizaki. These kegerators are packed with unique features that deliver optimal cooling performance and simplify maintenance and servicing.

We also have a selection of black kegerators that are Energy Star rated to help you reduce your energy bills while also minimizing your environmental footprint. This way, you don't have to lose the quality and productivity you need to meet your operation’s daily demands.

If you are not sure which kegerator is right for your business, you can always contact one of our certified food service consultants to assist you in your selection and purchase.

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