Blue Air Undercounter Crescent Ice Makers

Undercounter Crescent Ice Makers Are Compact, Money-Saving Ice-Making Solutions



Air-cooled units are highly economical and are ideal for most locations because they are easier to set up. Their production capacity relies on ambient temperature so proper room ventilation is required.


Water-cooled ice machines are ideal for hotter environments and areas where a high amount of airborne contaminants present.
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Undercounter Crescent Ice Makers: Astronomical Savings

Crescent ice cube makers are a consistent and popular presence in many foodservice establishments mainly for the versatility and functionality they bring to the table. These ice makers surely have a place in restaurants, bars, convenience stores, and many other establishments where tasks like serving cold drinks, dispensing, and ice bagging are part of the daily operation. 

Undercounter crescent ice cube makers, in particular, are convenient, space-saving solutions to your ice-making woes. If you are planning to add a crescent ice cube maker behind your counter or bar, an undercounter unit ticks all the boxes. With the condenser and storage bin all loaded in a single package, you can set it up without any inconvenience. 

Why crescent ice cube is king

As you may have guessed, the crescent ice cube has the look of a half-moon, in that it is flat on one side and rounded on the other. This gives it a very unique appearance that never fails to enhance how the drink looks through the glass.

The crescent shape is not just for visual appeal though. It also has a valuable function, which many would say is its bigger asset. Thanks to the unique crescent shape of the ice, liquid flows freely through the cubes. The liquid doesn't bounce off of the ice, which makes so much difference in preventing waste and spills. This type of ice also achieves greater liquid displacement, creating a much fuller drink.

Crescent ice melts slower, owing to its large and solid build. This enables your customers to enjoy their drink for longer without worrying about it being watered down.  

The best undercounter crescent ice makers for you

Undercounter crescent ice makers may be powered by a water-cooled or an air-cooled condenser. Your choice will depend on factors like ambient and water temperatures, among many others. If you are not sure which one to get, CKitchen will be more than happy to assist you.

Undercounter crescent ice makers are built with stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance, which increases their reliability and extends their service life. Many of these units are also engineered to meet Energy Star standards in order to reduce your environmental footprint and your energy bills!

CKitchen has a selection of undercounter crescent ice makers from top names like Hoshizaki and Blue Air. With our extensive knowledge of commercial ice machines, we are confident in our ability to provide proper assistance to you during your search.

Crescent ice cube makers from Hoshizaki produce each cube individually, so they don't stick or clump together while in the storage bin. This goes a long way in maintaining the quality of the ice supply throughout your operating hours.  The manufacturer also adds amazing features to enhance the experience and results you can get out of their units. One of these features is built-in antimicrobial protection that should slow bacteria growth and ease cleaning routines.

If you are looking for commercial ice makers that produce ice cube, nugget ice, flaked ice, and gourmet ice, CKitchen has a broad range of selection for you.

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