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Set Up A Popcorn Station At Any Concession Stand or Entertainment Center With Our Popcorn Poppers

The Best Commercial Popcorn Poppers For You

Popcorn is a popular snack food that has always been part of the experience had in a variety of fun entertainment venues. It is no surprise that commercial popcorn poppers are essential pieces of equipment in concession stands, movie theaters, carnivals, stadiums, and many more entertainment centers. You can even find a popcorn maker in a home theater.

Popcorn poppers transform those corn kernels into the buttery goodness that people know and love by heating them at the. Commercial popcorn machines come in the form of a large box of glass through which customers can see the kernels pop and fill the container.

Commercial popcorn poppers are very simple to use. Scoops and measuring spoons are typically included with the equipment so you have everything you need to start making popcorn.

These units typically have a kettle where the popcorn kernels are placed along with oil and salt. A switch lets you fire up the kettle to the desired temperature. Popcorn poppers also have an agitator that constantly mixes the popcorn, oil, and salt to prevent the products from scorching. These machines allow you to activate the motor with a separate switch. When the batch has nearly completed popping, use the kettle switch to turn off the heat. You are now ready to scoop up the popcorn from the container and into a bag or serving bowl. 

Popcorn poppers also have a heat lamp that keeps the popcorn warm and fresh for longer periods. This means you won’t have to go through the process of making popcorn upon getting an order. If the fun sight of watching the kernels through the glass box is not enough to merchandise, popcorn poppers also have attractive graphics that can attract traffic and even improve the presentation and design of your station. You can even get a popcorn cart if you are going for a more vintage style.