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Star Mfg. 501FF Star-Max 1 Element Electric 2.6 kW French Top Countertop Hotplate
Star Mfg. 501FF Star-Max 1 Element Electric 2.6 kW French Top Countertop Hotplate
  • Price: $543.40
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Star Mfg. 502FF QUIK-SHIP Star-Max Hotplate
Star Mfg. 502FF QUIK-SHIP Star-Max Hotplate
  • Price: $812.35
  • Retail: $812.35
  • Your Price: $662
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Electric Hotplates: Cooking Made Portable and Convenient

Electric hotplates give you the ability to cook food where there isn't enough room for a full unit. With a convenient cooking surface that you can place where it is convenient, you can boost your production capacity or prepare food in a catered event or a buffet line. This piece of cooking equipment helps you achieve quick, even cooking results.

Electric hotplates can be a single burner or a double burner. They either use coil burners or solid plate burners. Electric hotplates that use solid plate burners recommended for busy and fast-paced kitchens as they are designed to be easy to clean.

Solid plate units are found in most commercial kitchens. They either have a flat cooking surface or raised electric burners. Higher-end solid plates you will find include glass-ceramic electric hotplates, which not only look sleek and polished but also have the benefit of quick heating. Cast iron solid hot plates are also available. These units retain heat longer and are built for heavy-duty work and are

Most electric hotplates have a stainless steel construction to stand up to the rigors of daily use. They either have adjustable steel legs or rubber feet to keep them from sliding off. There are units that can be built into a countertop as well. Whichever you chose, you'll find that most electric hotplates provide temperature control at the front through control knobs, from which you can individually adjust the heat settings and temperature settings of each hot plate.

Whether you are looking for an extra burner to get you through the demand or just need the portability or convenience of an instant countertop burner to meet your exact cooking needs, an electric hot plate may just be what your operation needs.

CKitchen has a wide selection of electric hotplates from trusted brands like StarWells, and Eagle, Garland/US Range, and Toastmaster. If you are not sure which unit is best for you, feel free to contact us, and we'll be more than happy to guide you through the selection process.

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