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Hatco Food Rethermalizers and Bain Marie Heaters

Perfectly Heat Large Quantities of Food At The Best Serving Temperature With Hatco Food Rethermalizers and Bain Marie Heaters

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In busy restaurants, it’s almost impossible to cook every piece of food to order. To keep operations running smoothly, chefs prep their meals before rush hour and reheat them to the perfect temperature before service using food rethermalizers and bain marie heaters. Hatco’s range, available at CKitchen, is a versatile option for your commercial kitchen. The Hatco FR is designed to be used with a bain-marie or food reconstitutor to heat or hold foods at safe temperatures between 140°F and 190°F (60°-88°C). The rethermalizer unit ensures that food reaches a temperature of 165°F (74°C) in two hours or less. The Hatco model mounts easily to the underside of a holding vessel, freeing the entire vessel area. Water is continually circulated to avoid any “cool” spots. The Hatco units are shipped factory assembled, pre-wired, with plated brass plumbing fittings for mounting into a holding tank, making installations simple. Their stainless steel tanks ensure that the appliances are durable enough to withstand heavy use while keeping them rust and corrosion-free. They have separate sump and heating compartment drains for cleaning and sanitizing. An optional low-water cut-off is available to prevent element burn-out due to low-water levels. In addition, an energy cut-off option is wired into the electrical circuit, which cuts the power to the appliance if the water temperature goes above the standard thermostat setting. Check out the entire range of Hatco reheaters and warmers to find one that suits your needs.
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