Countertop Direct Steam Kettle Mixers

Produce Smooth Sauces and Liquid Food Items With Countertop Direct Steam Kettles With Mixer

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Countertop Steam Kettle Mixers: Upgrade Your Food Operation

Countertop steam kettle mixers are labor-saving cooking equipment perfect for high-capacity commercial kitchens with not a lot of floor space to spare.

If you’re working with a lot of liquid food items like soups, stews, and sauces, a countertop steam kettle mixer can help you mix and heat it all to perfection. These units use steam-jacketed kettles that cover two-thirds or the full kettle. The steam jacket is designed for quick and uniform heat transfer.

Countertop an agitator that constantly mixes the product inside the commercial countertop mixer, you are able to produce smooth, evenly heated soups, gravies, and other similar foods without fail.

The speed of the agitator usually has variable controls so that you can find the precise speed for different menu items. Operating a commercial countertop mixer steam kettle is also made simpler and safer so that you can start and stop mixing in a cinch.

Perfect for small to medium productions, a countertop steam kettle mixer can hold as much as 20 gallons. Units typically have a stainless steel exterior that won't easily rust or deform in order to perform well in commercial settings. CKitchen can assist you in finding the countertop steam kettle mixer for you from our large selection of products from big brands like Cleveland. If you are also looking for a standard direct steam kettle for your kitchen, we also got you covered!

A countertop steam kettle mixer comes with a large and deep direct steam kettle, which introduces steam from a remote source through piping with a valve that will regulate the pressure and the steam. The commercial countertop mixer steam kettle has what’s called a jacket where steam is pumped and condensed before the resulting heat is transferred to the metal of the kettle. The pressure can be lower or higher depending on what you want to achieve on the countertop steam kettle mixer.

Commercial steam kettle mixers come in tilting models wherein they have a handle or a crank that operators can use to safely transfer the steamed foods. This prevents the contents from congealing and makes cleaning the direct steam kettle less cumbersome.

To complete your kitchen, we also have a wide range of restaurant equipment and supplies such as condensate hoods and oven gloves and pads you can choose from.

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