Waring Commercial Pasta Cookers

Waring WPC100 Pasta Cooker Rethermalizer
Waring WPC100 Pasta Cooker Rethermalizer
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The Best Commercial Pasta Cookers For Your Business

Commercial pasta cookers offer a great way to deliver great-tasting pasta and noodle dishes to hungry customers while enabling you to reduce your cooking time. Engineered to keep up with your bust kitchen, this type of pasta cooking equipment can rapidly boil water and cook pasta and noodles in large amounts at a time.

Pasta cookers can cook all types of pasta, making it perfect for Italian restaurants and those with pasta-oriented menus. There are commercial pasta cookers for every scale of operation. Countertop users have a small footprint that makes them easy to add to multiple kitchen stations. For high-production operations, there are high-performance floor models with single and multiple tanks that can hold as many as 12 gallons of water. Products are loaded in basket lifters that are submerged under the boiling water where they will be cooked to perfection with little to no manual intervention required.

Whether you need a gas or electric commercial pasta cooker, you will find the best models here at CKitchen at the best prices. Gas-powered pasta cookers that use gas can use natural gas or liquid propane. Electric units are generally easier to add to kitchens although gas models have the edge when it comes to controlling the heat.

Commercial pasta cookers also make it very easy to get your desired results at the push of a button, helping you maximize productivity in your kitchen. Your staff can simply set the cooking time for the pasta, and work on other tasks while waiting for it to be ready. There are also multiple modes for boiling or simmering and push-button features that let you automatically drain water to another container, and ensure there is proper ventilation. There also pasta cookers with rinse stations that allow users to wash the cool and wash the pasta.

Commercial pasta cookers and rethermalizers are some of the best investments you can have for your foodservice operation, so it is important that you find the most durable and dependable unit to serve you for many years. CKitchen has a great selection of high-quality commercial foodservice equipment and restaurant supplies from top industry brands all at the lowest prices guaranteed.

If you need more restaurant supplies such as pasta machines, mixers, and many more, we have a full line of products that will surely meet your expectations. Don't forget to email or call us if you need any assistance in finding the unit that best suits your needs.

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