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BUNN Coffee Airpots

Bunn Airpots Keep Coffee, Tea, or Other Beverages Warm at Your Foodservice Establishment

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BUNN 32125.0000 32125.0000  Airpot
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Airpots can be filled with hot beverages and used to keep them warm for hours until ready to be served. While they are most commonly used for coffee, they’re also suitable for hot water, hot chocolate, and hot cider. BUNN offers a wide variety of airpots available at CKitchen. They are portable and can be placed on any flat surface, and do not require electricity, making them perfect for outdoor use or in temporary locations such as meeting rooms and formal receptions. The pump-style dispensers reduce the chance of spillages, while the vacuum-insulated, stainless steel internal liner enables excellent heat retention. As a result, hospitality staff and baristas at your food service establishment can pre-prepare large batches of hot drinks and serve them as and when needed. Alternatively, these dispensers can be placed in outdoor settings, during banquets or catered events, or even in the front of the house so customers can serve themselves quickly and easily. To serve a beverage, you simply hold a cup or glass under the spigot and press on the pump, either a button or a lever. This allows a smooth, effortless pour, reducing the chance of spills or overflow. Find the perfect airpot for your needs from BUNN’s durable range, available at CKitchen.
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