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Commercial Bar Blenders: Getting The Right Blend

If you are looking to incorporate smoothies or frozen drinks to your beverage menu, it's time to upgrade your bar with CKitchen's superb line of beverage blenders.

Commercial blenders are built with solid materials to withstand the rigors of commercial use. And with an array of special features onboard, bar blenders make it so much easier for baristas to whip up delicious concoctions.

Equipped to handle all scales of operations, commercial bar blenders or drink blenders are more powerful and versatile than your typical residential blenders. They come in three types based on blending power. Light-duty beverage blenders are perfect for occasional use. Medium-duty blenders will serve well in small-volume production. Heavy-duty beverage blenders are best for large-scale blending demands in busier bars.

Pulse settings come standard in commercial bar blenders to give users that burst of speed they need to get the right blending consistency. Most units come with multiple speed settings or variable speed controls to provide increased flexibility for users to produce desired results. Higher-end commercial bar blenders have touchpad controls that allow more precise operation while maintaining the simplicity of the process.

Most commercial bar blenders have a BPA-free plastic or glass blender jar, which makes the experience more enjoyable for customers as they get to watch their order be brought to life. Plastic jars are lightweight and easy to handle, but might stain over time. Glass jars are heavier and stay stable when blending, but they may not respond well to occasional accidental bumping or drops.

Some beverage blenders have a stainless steel blender jar, which does a good job of retaining the temperature of the ingredients so that frozen drinks and smoothies stay as cold throughout the blending process. Many commercial bar blenders also come with sound enclosures to minimize the noise the machine produces during use and keep the bar uninterrupted as you make the orders. When it comes to jar capacities, 32 oz, 48 oz, and 64 oz are the most common.

CKitchen has an outstanding selection of high performance blenders from some of the leading brands in the industry namely Waring, Hamilton Beach, Vitamix, Blendtec, and FMP. These beverage blenders are made of high-quality materials and loaded with exceptional features to create blending solutions that you can rely on for the years to come. If you need assistance in choosing your next commercial bar blender, don't hesitate to give us a call. Our foodservice consultants are always ready to help you find a unit that will meet your exact needs.

We also have an amazing selection of food blenders and other beverage equipment.

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