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AMPTO CL-300SL Dough Roller & Sheeter
AMPTO CL-300SL Dough Roller & Sheeter
  • FINANCE FOR: $152.79/mo.
  • $1,834.17
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AMPTO CL-390 Dough Roller & Sheeter
AMPTO CL-390 Dough Roller & Sheeter
  • FINANCE FOR: $231.04/mo.
  • $2,773.53
Outlet Brand
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Commercial Dough Rollers For Shorter Food Prep

Parts of your food preparation process can be automated to keep your kitchen running fast and smoothly. If you run a large bakery or restaurant, commercial dough rollers can help streamline your operation by providing a quicker way to prepare dough. Although nothing beats the touch of an artisan baker, it can be time-consuming to roll out dough manually when you have many orders that need to be filled.

Commercial dough roller machines, which are sometimes called commercial dough sheeters, can get the job done. These units are designed to flatten and stretch the dough into thin sheets with uniform thickness in just a matter of seconds, saving time and labor for maximum productivity in the kitchen. They are sometimes referred to as pizza dough rollers because they are primarily used for making the perfect pizza crusts. However, they can be used for various baked goods including flatbread.

Commercial dough rollers are available in a range of sizes. Most countertop models can process hundreds in just an hour. These units have a knob where you can adjust the desired thickness of the dough as well as the speed in which it will be rolled so you can get the best results for your specific needs. The rollers are nonstick so that the dough comes out intact and prevents any mess.

During your shopping, you will come across two types of dough sheeters: single-pass and double-pass. Single-pass units only have one set of rollers, where some thickness required. If you want a product thinner, it may need a couple of passes on this type of dough sheeter. Double-pass sheeters have two sets of rollers solve that problem as they flatten the dough on the first past and then thin the dough on the second pass, which is much faster.

There are also various sizes of commercial dough sheeters to choose from, and your choice will depend on the size of the dough you work with. There are automatic units that start the process as soon as the dough is placed inside the machine. Manual dough sheeters come with a foot pedal.

CKitchen has an excellent selection of dough sheeters from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed and gree shipping so you can make the most of your budget. Call us if you need any assistance during your shopping so that our trained foodservice equipment consultants can help you promptly.

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