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Atosa USA, Inc. PPG-12 PrepPal Meat Grinder
Atosa USA, Inc. PPG-12 PrepPal Meat Grinder
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Atosa USA, Inc. PPG-22 PrepPal Meat Grinder
Atosa USA, Inc. PPG-22 PrepPal Meat Grinder
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Commercial Meat Grinders: Meat Processing Made Easier

If you prepare your own meat for your sandwiches and dishes, commercial meat grinders will be a fundamental part of your food preparation.

Commercial meat grinders are heavy-duty food preparation tools that are specifically designed to grind several pounds of meat per hour. There are multiple grinding plates that come with holes of varying sizes depending on the coarseness of the finished product, making them more flexible to meet the specific needs of your recipes.

This means you can have meat ground very coarsely for chili, stew, or very finely to make for perfect hamburgers. Typical sizing for meat grinding plates is as follows: 3 7/8" (#32), 3 1/4" (#20 - #22), 2 3/4" (#10 - #12), 2 1/2" (#8), and 2 1/8" (#5).

There are manual and electric meat grinders. A manual meat grinder comes with a crank that is operated by hand. These units are typically best for use in small-volume applications. If you want to fully automate the process, electric units will be the best solution for you. These units can handle hundreds of pounds of meat per hour. Commercial electric meat grinders come in various capacities ranging from as low as 300 lbs all the way to 7,500 for high-volume needs.

Many units come with additional attachments such as sausage stuffer tubes that directly bring the ground meat into casings for hot dogs or sausages, allowing you to get two jobs done from the same piece of equipment, saving both time and counter space. A unit can have a single or multiple sausage stuffer attachments.

Our line of commercial meat grinders is perfect for use in restaurants, delis, butcher shops, and many other foodservice operations where meat is prepared. They are very easy to clean so you can process as much meat as possible. The cast-iron, die-cast aluminum or stainless steel construction on these units ensures you get a durable, long-lasting piece of equipment that you can rely on for many years.

Commercial meat grinders also come with excellent safety features to prevent risks of accidents and protect your employees from injury all while making the entire process much easier and more comfortable.

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