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AMPTO IM60/2 Moretti Forni Spiral Dough Mixer
AMPTO IM60/2 Moretti Forni Spiral Dough Mixer
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Spiral Mixer: For A More Productive Kitchen

Also referred to as a dough mixer, the spiral mixer is a heavy-duty mixer designed to knead large quantities of dough at a time. This high-performance commercial mixer features a dough hook and a mixing bowl that both rotate to mix the dough gently, replicating the effect of mixing the dough with the hands.  The rotating bowl also improves the ability of the mixer to work through dense dough like pizza dough, making it a great addition to a pizzeria.

With just the right force, the spiral mixer does not overwork the dough to create the desired gluten structure necessary for a top-quality product. Spiral mixers have dual or variable speeds to handle various types of dough. Globe spiral mixers have a dedicated high-torque motor for the bowl and the dough hook. The Sirman line boasts an air-cooled motor with oil bath gearbox. Univex dough mixers pack a lot of power in a single motor to achieve super energy efficiency. 

CKitchen has an extensive line of spiral mixers from industry-leading brands constructed with stainless steel and powerful components for reliable performance. They come with a selection of accessories that add flexibility to your everyday food prep such as the variable-speed pasta cutter such as the SirPasta mixers from Sirman. 

Whether you run a small pizza shop or a large bakery, there is a spiral mixer for your operation with the largest units able to process hundreds of pounds a time. You can rely on these heavy-duty mixers to keep up with your demand day-in, day-out, so you can save time and labor in the process.

If you are looking for other food prep equipment for your kitchen, we have a great selection that will meet your needs. We have a variety of food processors, blenders, pasta makers, and many more. If you are looking for a multipurpose commercial mixer like the planetary mixer that you can use for not just kneading bread dough but for other food prep tasks such as making whipped cream or beating egg whites.

CKitchen is home to a large selection of foodservice equipment and supplies from some of the most trusted names in the business. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed and free shipping to help you build a kitchen that meets your need.

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