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Reduce Food Waste and Save Money: Commercial Vacuum Packaging

There are few better ways to make your overhead go further than with a commercial vacuum sealer. In the food industry, our inventory is perishable, so anything we can do to keep it fresh for longer is worth the investment. These machines also help prevent food waste, both for your own facility’s use and when packaging foods for customers to take home. Using a commercial vacuum packaging machine can make food last up to five times longer — use it to lengthen the life of meat, cheese, vegetables and even prepared foods.

Different Types of Commercial Kitchen Vacuum Sealers

With top-notch styles by Berkel, Hobart and Univex, CKitchen is the best place to find your ideal unit. As with most pieces of kitchen equipment, the model you choose should be determined by how much food will be processed at a time. We have several cost-effective tabletop wrap stations for small and low-volume kitchens, as well as medium-volume styles that can accommodate busy kitchens where food wrapping isn’t a major part of the job.

You’ll want to pick a floor-style commercial wrapping machine if you run a large food processing plant, butcher or any business where food sealing could be a full-time job. CKitchen is proud to offer some of the most high-tech, automatic vacuum sealers by Hobart. These machines quite literally take the guesswork out of food packaging, with integrated computers, label appliers and scales that streamline your entire process. Because of the breadth of our assortment, we’d be happy to consult with you on which model best suits your needs.

In fact, CKitchen is happy to provide you with one-on-one advice regarding anything in our store. Plus, we always guarantee the lowest prices and ship restaurant equipment for free to ensure the most enjoyable buying experience.
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