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Star Commercial Hot Dog Rollers

Merchandise and Keep Ready-to-Serve Foods Hot with a Star Hot-Dog Roller Grill

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Star Eagle Global Solutions by Nemco Nemco Admiral Craft


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Star hot dog rollers are perfect for gas stations, food trucks, and restaurants to serve lip-smacking grab-and-go hot dogs and grilled sausages. CKitchen offers them in slanted and flat countertop models with analog or electronic temperature controls. These units come in sizes that can hold 20 to 75 hot dogs at once. You can also choose from chrome, Duratec, or Staltek roller coatings. Star commercial hot dog roller grills deliver precisely grilled hot dogs with the perfect texture and flavor. Star also manufactures hot dog steamers that can simultaneously steam and hold large quantities of hot dogs, making them juicier and softer. If you run an all-day breakfast diner, be sure to check out CKitchen's supply of Star's toasters, griddles, and waffle bakers that are bound to come in handy!