Adcraft Sandwich Spreaders

In the commercial kitchen, you’re only as good as your smallest appliance! Even the simplest of kitchen utensils can hold up your production and service rates, which is why you have to make sure that every single kitchen tool is the best it can be. At CKitchen, we recommend Adcraft sandwich spreaders and utensils for use by high-volume delis, restaurants, food trucks, diners, catering businesses, buffets and much more. We offer awesome, low prices and fast shipping on all Adcraft commercial kitchen equipment, whether you need a high-volume fryer or low-cost utensils. We’re always on hand to help you outfit your commercial kitchen.

We’ve got sandwich spreaders for every application and budget at CKitchen. If you’re looking for a high-quality style that’s appropriate for service, be sure to explore Adcraft’s stainless steel butter spreaders that match Adcraft forks, spoons and other servingware. These economical spreaders are perfect for adding to your budget-friendly arsenal of catering servingware, deli servingware and more. We also have affordable, dishwasher-safe sandwich spreaders that you can use in the back of the house for easy application of spreads, condiments, sauces and more when finishing burgers and sandwiches.

Adcraft offers sandwich spreaders in several styles, including versions with stain-free polypropylene handles and high-carbon steel blades as well as options made with wooden handles and stainless steel blades. We recommend choosing a style with a polypropylene handle if you intend to clean your spreaders in the dishwasher or another automated cleaning system. These utensils come in several different sizes to ensure that they offer an efficient, convenient option for your specific application. CKitchen is happy to offer great, low prices, fast shipping and premium customer service on Adcraft kitchen supplies.

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