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5 Oscars Gold Dishes
So, with that said, what should you prepare for your Oscar party? No matter how big or how small, we’ve got you covered with these 5 Oscar-worthy recipes. Read More
5 Sauces to the 5 Best Dishes of 2018

We all know that any meal can be gastronomically delightful with the right sauce. Here is a run-down of the best sauces and their most suitable pair. Yum!

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Automatic Pot Washers and Pre-Soak Agitating Sinks

Many restaurant owners find themselves trying to rub two pennies together to make a nickel when it comes to equipment needs, so many of the extras tend to get left out. What many don’t realize is that these technologies and extra investments have been made to cut down on total costs over time.

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Grease Traps

Grease disposal can be a hassle for many small business owners, but some states and municipalities require these units to help keep sewer systems clean and free of grease waste from restaurants. Cue: grease traps. These devices, optional for some and mandatory for others, are used to intercept most grease and solids in plumbing systems before it ever reaches your wastewater disposal unit and further sewer lines. Knowing the ins and outs of grease traps can help you make an informed decision on which trap is right for your restaurant and can help reduce your restaurant’s impact on the local wastewater systems!

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Do I Really Need to Have a Vent Hood for a Dishwasher

Do I really need to have a vent hood for my dishwasher?

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Patty M (Barryville, New York)
Harriett R (Davidson, North Carolina)
This dishwasher is being used in a church kitchen. It's easy to use and cleans quickly.
William C (Latrobe, Pennsylvania)
Product used at a Club bar
ray wilson
one of the best we've had. happy we chose this one. thanks!
Patrick Gabriel
Love this machine. Awesome features...single to three phase, auto start when hood is closed, etc. Highly recommended.
mark nelson
PERFECT addition to the restaurant! No complaints or issues. Very highly recommended.
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