Cleveland Range Kettles

If you’re in the market for a commercial kettle for your food service establishment, there’s no better choice than Cleveland Range. This manufacturer has long been an authority on flexible, hardworking commercial-grade kettles, and is especially well-known for their innovative steam-jacketed kettles. has a large selection of styles by this top brand, including Cleveland Range electric kettles, gas kettles, mixer kettles, direct steam kettles and tilting kettles. We also have an assortment of Cleveland Range kettle accessories, like cooking baskets, parts and cleaning supplies to help you maintain your existing Cleveland kettle.

For those in search of a powerhouse kettle for large-volume applications, a Cleveland steam kettle is a top-notch choice. This type of kettle is appropriate for cooking soups, sauces, gravies, meats, pasta and more, and provides super-efficient heat transfer and uniform heating for the best results every time. Steam kettles also provide accurate temperature control which reduces monitoring and resetting. Those in search of energy efficient alternatives will want to consider that Cleveland Range kettles use 35 percent less energy than stock pots or open burners. They also keep the kitchen cooler, which makes staff more comfortable.

Steam-jacketed kettles come in a huge variety of styles, including tabletop models, floor models and mixer kettles. If you need to save space in your small or compact commercial kitchen, invest in a Cleveland Range countertop kettle that provides the same cooking performance without taking up valuable floor space. Floor models are ideal for busy, bustling kitchens where the kettle is a vital component. We have Cleveland floor kettles with 150-gallon capacities so you can produce large amounts of food relatively quickly. is staffed by a team of certified food service consultants, so we’re always on hand to help you find the right Cleveland Range equipment for your needs.



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