Hobart Disposers

Hobart Disposers

Ckitchen.com is proud to offer Hobart Food Disposers. Hobart Food Disposers are a great tool for reducing waste and saving money. Hobart Food Disposers feature two hardened stainless steel removable cutter blocks and a breaker blade for speedier grinding which prevents objects from riding at the center of wheel. They also feature the “Ni-Resist flywheel” which cuts particles to small sizes for easy drainage. Disposers have a SST stationary shredder ring with minimum of 40 secondary grinding teeth and have a heavy-duty face-type water seal. To minimize noise, disposers have a heavy aluminum grind and discharge housing. The motor is capable of processing a constant load service for more than 60-minute intervals. The motor is protected by a motor shaft seal. The face-type seal consists of a sintered bronze mating ring and spring-loaded carbon ring insert in chemical-resistant neoprene bellows. To protect the mating surfaces from grit or fibers, the mating surfaces are recessed in the flywheel. If any moisture were to pass through the seal, a flinger and drain tube are provided to allow immediate removal. Adding another layer of protection is a lip-type oil seal, located beneath the bearings. Hobart food-waste disposers reduce the amount and weight of your total waste, saving you money on hauling, liners and labor. Speak with one of our certified food service consultants who can assist you in purchasing the right Hobart Food Disposer for your business.

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  • SKU # FD4/125+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $40.38/mo.

  • SKU # FD4/75+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $38.10/mo.

  • SKU # FD4/50+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $28.87/mo.

  • SKU # FD4/150+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $61.85/mo.

  • SKU # FD4/200+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $76.72/mo.

  • SKU # FD4/300+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $99.69/mo.

  • SKU # FD4/500+BUILDUP
  • FINANCE FOR: $128.91/mo.