Hobart Dryers

Hobart Dryers

Ckitchen.com is proud to offer Hobart Salad Dryers. Salad dryers are available in polyethylene (SDPE) and stainless steel (SDPS) outer tub and lid. They feature a one-piece molded base, fully sealed, stainless steel-reinforced polyethylene with built-in stainless steel motor splash guard. They are easy to use and have a 5-minute timer conveniently located on top. Dryers have an easy-load polyethylene spin basket with hand grips. They feature a PVC extension tube for connection to a floor drain or a container up to 9" high without splashing. They can hold up to a case (16 heads) of lettuce and gently spin to remove water without damaging or bruising the salad. Removing water correctly is important because salad dressings get diluted if the salad is not properly dried. Dressing costs can be reduced by up to 15% with a Hobart salad dryer. Speak with one of our certified food service consultants who can assist you in purchasing the right Hobart Dryer for your business.

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  • SKU # SDPE-11
  • FINANCE FOR: $57.86/mo.

  • SKU # SDPS-11
  • FINANCE FOR: $75.11/mo.