Hobart Meat Saws

Hobart Meat Saws

Ckitchen.com is proud to offer Hobart Meat Saws. Hobart Meat Saws feature a 3-H.P. motor for durability and reliability, direct gear-driven transmission, open-frame stainless steel construction and adjustable legs. Hobart has two different options of Meat Saws, the Series 6614 and the Series 6801. Since they have open-frame stainless construction they can be cleaned by simply hosing them down. No tools are needed for parts removal, including pulleys, blade cleaners and guide assemblies. Dust is collected by a lowers scrap pan that is built in. The 3-H.P. motor is enclosed and water resistant. The saws are Flange mounted with grease-packed ball bearings which means a reduced need for maintenance. The meat saws are easy to use. They feature a single pull-to-start and push-to-stop switch. A heater with each control prevents moisture condensation on electrical components to ensure uninterrupted operation. Hobart also designed the Meat Saws to ensure safety. Both the upper and lower pulleys are completely enclosed. The blade is guarded above and below the cutting zone. There is also a pusher plate to eliminate the need for handling items too close to the blade. Speak with one of our certified food service consultants who can assist you in purchasing the right Hobart Meat Saw.

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