Hobart Toasters

Hobart Toasters

Ckitchen.com is proud to offer Hobart Toasters. Hobart Toasters have uniform heating which means an end to untoasted areas and dark edges. They are easy to clean. Models come as Two-and four-slot automatic electric pop-up Toasters with 1" wide slots. They feature a two-piece body with stainless steel exterior. The slot openings have individually enclosed toasting chambers with one crumb tray for each two slots. The openings are positioned to prevent crumbs from entering the interior. All models come with a bottom crumb tray cover. They all feature solid state controls to adjust toasting time. Hobart’s technology has made these Toasters reliable by automatically compensating for ambient temperature and voltage fluctuations. Speak with one of our certified food service consultants who can assist you in purchasing the right Hobart Toaster for your business.

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