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Flake & Nugget Ice Machines

CKitchen wants your kitchen to perform to the best of its ability just as badly as you do, and the only way for it to do that is with a high-quality, commercial flake nugget ice machine on hand! That’s why CKitchen.com specializes in providing businesses with cutting-edge commercial ice machines that meet their unique demands, whether it’s a small, self-service cafeteria or a large, busy restaurant. These units help ensure that you have fresh ice on-demand for serving, storing, and preserving food and beverages.

CKitchen.com offers a hefty line of Hoshizaki Flake Nugget Ice Machines. As the world’s second largest producer of commercial refrigerated food service equipment, Hoshizaki is one of the most well known brand names in professional kitchens around the world. In fact, more than 45 of the 50 leading food service companies in the United States currently utilize Hoshizaki products, and the brand’s equipment can be found in dozens of countries worldwide.

At CKitchen.com, you can choose from models that produce a range from 330 lbs of flake nugget ice to 2280 lbs of flake nugget ice, depending on your overall production needs. Spec options include air cooled, remote air cooled, or water cooled flake nugget ice machines. You also have the option of either remote or self-contained condensers. Our Hoshizaki Flake Nugget Ice Machines are available with or without bins.

No matter your specific needs, volume, budget, or space requirements, CKitchen can help you find the perfect Hoshizaki Flake Nugget Ice Machine for your environment. Our top priority here at CKitchen is to provide each of our customers with the best possible customer service, as well as high performing, dependable products. We are absolutely certain that you will be more than satisfied with any of our commercial ice machines. Shop our selection of Hoshizaki Flake Nugget Ice Machines for the guaranteed lowest prices, fast shipping, and FREE FREIGHT on all Hoshizaki models. Don’t hesitate to speak with one of our certified food service consultants if you need help with selecting and purchasing the right flake ice maker or a commercial nugget ice machine for your business.

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  • SKU # DCM-270BAH
  • FINANCE FOR: $90.11/mo.

  • SKU # DCM-270BAH-OS
  • FINANCE FOR: $91.29/mo.

  • SKU # DCM-300BAH
  • FINANCE FOR: $115.09/mo.

  • SKU # DCM-300BAH-OS
  • FINANCE FOR: $116.27/mo.

  • SKU # DCM-500BAH
  • FINANCE FOR: $137.71/mo.

  • SKU # DCM-500BAH-OS
  • FINANCE FOR: $138.89/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MAJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $126.18/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MAJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $127.58/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MLJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $111.33/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MRJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $124.87/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MRJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $127.01/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MWJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $126.18/mo.

  • SKU # F-1002MWJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $127.58/mo.

  • SKU # F-1501MAJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $159.89/mo.

  • SKU # F-1501MAJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $160.46/mo.

  • SKU # F-1501MRJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $158.71/mo.

  • SKU # F-1501MRJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $159.18/mo.

  • SKU # F-1501MWJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $160.24/mo.

  • SKU # F-1501MWJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $160.46/mo.

  • SKU # F-330BAJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $87.53/mo.

  • SKU # F-450MAJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $81.06/mo.

  • SKU # F-450MAJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $81.99/mo.

  • SKU # F-801MAJ
  • FINANCE FOR: $101.90/mo.

  • SKU # F-801MAJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $106.14/mo.

  • SKU # F-801MWJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $106.26/mo.

  • SKU # FD-1002MAJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $135.38/mo.

  • SKU # FD-1002MRJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $133.25/mo.

  • SKU # F-2001MRJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $225.27/mo.

  • SKU # FS-1001MLJ-C
  • FINANCE FOR: $119.71/mo.



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