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Hoshizaki Pizza Prep Tables

Hoshizaki Pizza Prep Tables Provide Excellent Ingredient Storage for More Efficient Workflow in Your Restaurant

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Providing convenient and organized storage compartments behind the doors, they offer easy access to ingredients, toppings, and supplies while keeping them at the optimal temperature for efficient pizza preparation and assembly.


A practical and space-efficient storage solution ensures easy and organized access to ingredients, toppings, and utensils, streamlining the pizza preparation process and maximizing efficiency in busy kitchen environments.
Doors and Drawers

Doors and Drawers

A convenient combination of storage options, allowing for simple access to ingredients through the doors and providing additional organizational space with drawers, optimizing the pizza preparation process in bustling commercial settings.
Front Breathing

Front Breathing

Front-facing compressor allows for built-in placement and efficient airflow management, ensuring optimal cooling performance while maximizing space utilization and ease of maintenance.
Side / Rear Breathing

Side / Rear Breathing

Due to versatile installation options the unit can be placed against walls or in tight spaces while maintaining efficient cooling performance, maximizing workspace efficiency, and optimizing kitchen layout.


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With Hoshizaki pizza prep tables, you can quickly prepare hot, fresh pizzas for your customers. We offer them in door, drawer, and combination access models. The elevated refrigerated rail in these prep tables keeps your vegetable crisp and your meat juicy for a long time. They feature a front-breathing compressor for easy installation and polyurethane insulation for efficient cooling, even in harsh conditions. Hoshizaki pizza prep tables have patent-pending technology that maintains optimum temperatures throughout the table without demanding minimal effort or servicing. They operate between 14 and 45℉ and have storage capacities of up to 30 cubic feet. Additionally, they have features like a night/day mode to store food in the rail overnight, forced convective airflow for continuous refrigeration, a detachable air filter for easy cleaning and maintenance, and a dual controller system for maintaining appropriate temperatures in the rail and cabinet. Check out CKitchen's collection of Hoshizaki sandwich and salad prep refrigerator tables, great for sandwich shops, food trucks, fast food joints, and restaurants to streamline operations and provide service instantly to customers.
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